My Commitment to Action

I know firsthand that the kindness of a stranger can make a huge impact on the lives of others. I was a direct beneficiary of those who served the community, in which I am from, well; and, from their service I was able to develop as a young man. Many of those community service “giants” would tell me that old adage: “Too whom much is given, much is required!” I watched my mentors give to the community and only asking for those of us who benefitted to do for another. This inspired me with the burning desire to make the same impact.

My Role With The Urban League

Formerly in My Role with the Urban League: In terms of my former role at the Urban League of Greater New Orleans, I was responsible for knowing seven different areas of content information, including: Economic and Workforce Development, Criminal Justice, Education, Health, Housing, Civic Engagement, and Environment. My main functions were to cultivate relationships to build capacity around our mission to enable African Americans to secure economic self-reliance, parity, power and civil rights as well as to help manage a direct run program that educates and empowers community members on ways to support the current education system in New Orleans.

Education and Youth Development

Direct Run with Urban Leaders for Equity and Diversity: A program called Urban Leaders for Equity and Diversity (ULEAD). It is a program devoted to developing strong community leadership willing to support the current needs of the education system. I have graduated forty-seven ULEADers who are now working to support our school system in ways they weren't previously. Overall, I am building leadership within the community so they may lead efforts to create quality public schools in New Orleans. 

Boys Scouts of America, Southeast Louisiana Council: I was recently appointed to the Boy Scouts of American Southeast Louisiana Council Executive Board. I was a former Boy Scout as a youth and understand the important leadership role Boy Scouts can play in a young mans life.

Policy and Advocacy: I have helped draft and advocate for educational policies including the most recent fight for fully funding of TOPs. In the 2018 legislative session, I will be fighting to pass legislation that helps to improve the reading proficiency of our students. 

Bard Early College New Orleans Advisory Board Member: Bard Early College is a rigorous, credit-bearing, tuition-free college course of study in the liberal arts and sciences available to junior and senior level students.

Former Youth Run NOLA Board Member, 2013 - 2017: Youth Run Nola is a non-profit that seeks to empower underserved youth through running by focusing on leadership skills and health and wellness habits.

Criminal Justice

Former Chair of the Youth Justice Coalition: I was the Youth Justice Coalition’s education in custody policy committee chairman and sat on the Raise the Age Committee, both of which passed the state legislature in 2016.

US Attorney's Crescent City Keepers Program: I also worked in 2015 as a mentor for the US Attorney’s Crescent City Keepers program, which sought to provide wrap around services to youth, who may be negatively impacted by the criminal justice system.

Know Your Rights Training: I conducted Know Your Rights trainings to lawyers and students in schools on behalf of the Juvenile Detention Alternative Initiative (JDAI) . Know Your Rights Trainings are focused on providing youth with the legal knowledge to understand their civil rights and ways for them to conduct themselves in order to be safe. This is a training done in conjunction with the FBI and U.S Attorney's office. I have trained U.S. Attorney's to give the Know Your Rights presentation. I created the presentation and facilitated the trainings. To date, we have trained over 1,000 youth.

Community Coaching Program: I have also headed a detention alternative program for Juvenile Court entitled the Community Coaching program, which paired each pre-adjudicated youth with an adult support to ensure that the youth received the services needed and was provided an action plan to get to and from court hearings. 

ULEAD Public Safety: I created and led the Urban Leaders for Equity and Diversity (ULEAD): Public Safety program, a four week leadership program for African American community leaders and law enforcement officers to examine the criminal justice system and policing, and the ways in which it can be improved. The goal is to work collectively to build trust between law enforcement and the African American community and to design strategies to collectively address public safety issues in African American communities.

Civic Engagement

Voter Participation: I have conducted voter participation/registration drives. I along with several partnering organizations are currently conducting a citywide high school civic engagement challenge to create a new chronic voter block. But we are also teaching young people the importance of voting and getting their families out to vote but also the importance of serving on juries in this day and age. 

Women's Ethics Studies (IWES) Partnership: I partner with the Institute of Women’s Ethnic Studies (IWES) on their #sadnotbad campaign, which is a campaign that seeks to humanize young people who are dealing with both trauma and stressors related to home life and environment that cause them to act out negatively.

Candidate Forums: I, along with partnering organizations, created candidate forums in order to provide access and information about the candidates to the general public. I have conducted School Board, BESE Board, City Council, Judicial and Mayoral candidate forums.

New Leaders Council: I am a former member of the leadership team, as Selection Chair, for the New Leaders Council. The New Leaders Council, in a nutshell, is a non-profit organization that works to recruit, train and promote the progressive political entrepreneurs of tomorrow — trendsetters, elected officials and civically-engaged leaders in business and industry who will shape the future landscape.

Community Development

NOLA Housing Policy Committee: I sat on the policy committee of the 10 year housing NOLA plan that seeks to create affordable housing options for all New Orleanians.   

Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure: I am currently the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure Chair. The Susan G. Komen Foundation is a non profit organization that seeks to raise awareness and money for cures to breast cancer and breast cancer treatment. This year (2018) the race will be held in Oct. The race is held in City Park.