The mediocre teacher tells. The good teacher explains. The superior teacher demonstrates. The great teacher inspires.
— William Arthur Ward


Youth Development Projects

OPSB District 2 Legacy Scholarship

2018 Recipient Winners.jpg

2018 Recipients

Ethan Ashley's District 2 Legacy College Scholarship provides the opportunity for high school seniors who reside and attend a public high school in Orleans Parish. The $500 award will be awarded to students in District 2, to help them continue their pursuit for a higher education. 

The 2018 District 2 Legacy College Scholarship recipients were Corazon Johnston of George Washington Carver High School and Imani Edwards of Benjamin Franklin High School. Click below to read more about these stellar students and their plans for the future!


New Orleans Black Boys Achievement Network


The creation of the New Orleans Black Boys Achievement Network (NOBBAN) is imperative for the academic and social success of Black boys in Orleans Parish. NOBBAN, upon its creation will oversea a multitude of personal and academic enrichment programs designed to mitigate and counter effects of institutional and systematic neglect of the unique problems faced by Black boys in the Orleans Parish School system and the Recovery School District. NOBBAN's expressed goal is to create educational spaces and to provide resources for Black boys to successfully transition into manhood.

Know Your Rights Trainings

Know Your Rights' Trainings are focused on providing youth with the legal knowledge to understand their civil rights and ways for them to conduct themselves in order to be safe. This is a training done in conjunction with the FBI and US Attorney's Office, and is often facilitated by US Attorneys. To date, over 1000 youth have completed the program. If you are interested in bringing this program to your youth group or school, please complete a contact form for more information.

Community Development Projects

Urban Leaders Fellows

2017 Urban Fellows

2017 Urban Fellows

The Urban Leaders Fellowship, has partnered with elected officials in different cities. In 2017, you can have the opportunity to partner with the office of Ethan Ashley as a Urban Leaders Fellow. Fellows will work alongside me to support a vision for improving this city. For more information or to apply to the fellows program, please visit

New Orleans Black Male Achievement Network

The New Orleans Black Male Achievement Network (NOBMAN) is a collaborative of 25 men committed to both personal and youth development. NOBMAN is a 12-month fellowship starting in April 2016 of Black professional men who commit to meeting once a month at a designated brothers home for fellowship (with great food), self-reflection, and creation of a short story to share with our youth. At the completion of the network experience, we are asking brothers to write a story of a time in which they have failed and were able to move beyond that moment. We want to share these short stories with our youth to showcase that each of them are better than the worst moment in their lives; and in fact, the true measure of a man is what they choose to do when they are down and out.  

Click below to download the nobman district booklet

Orleans Parish School Board District 2 Education Committee Council

The District 2 Education Community Council is a volunteer group dedicated to improving the Orleans Parish School Board. The Council will be responsible for bringing District 2 School Board member (Ethan Ashley) vital education issues and community input and information on things impacting education in District 2 and students generally. The Council will be made up of 15-20 community persons from diverse backgrounds each of whom reside in District 2 with at least one representative from the following constituencies: SUNO college student, Carver High School student, Parent, Business leader, pastor and educator). The Council will meet once a month on an agreed upon time by the majority members of the Council.

JE Howard Investment Group, LLC

JE Howard Investment Group, LLC (JE Howard) is an investment group founded by Ethan Ashley and Jamie Hooper that focuses primarily on property development such as residential rehabs, transforming or building new homes that will create a dream opportunity for any individual in the city, at a quality price in an up-and-coming area. Homeownership is a big key to upward mobility. JE Howard seeks to invest in other projects, additional projects will be centered on investing in sustainable ventures that place people in the best chance of experiencing upward mobility.

Speaking, Training and Consulting

ECA is available for consulting, training and speaking engagements. With an intensive background that ranges from educational programs to policy development, services include, but are not limited to:

  • Political Campaign Consulting
  • Leadership Development
  • Policy Creation and Implementation
  • School Programming
  • Motivational Speaking
  • Community Outreach and Partnership Development
  • Fundraising
  • Youth Development

For more information on services available or to request a quote, please feel free to click the Contact Me page for support.

Ethancharles' 4L Designs


EthanCharles is a socially conscious movement captured and organized through graphic tee shirts. Our first collection is our 4L Design Collection. The 4 Ls in the 4L Design Collection are Love, Legacy, Leadership and Logic. EthanCharles seek to change our world one mind at a time through conscious designs. We welcome and seek to spark bold conversations through our designs. These aren't just tee shirts but a movement against silence. We ask for you to find a Design that speaks to your soul and truth. Once you find your design, we ask for you to SpeakUP and SpeakOUT by wearing it, posting it and encouraging your friends to do the same! We choose to SpeakUP and SpeakOUT with others! 

Please note that all t-shirts purchased will help to support our Legacy College Scholarship for high school seniors.

There are 4 main components to the upcoming EthanCharles' 4L Designs:

  • Love - We are challenging the world to be open about their expressions of love. We know the power that love has on changing the world. We believe that we need more love. So it's time to "Love Out Loud."
  • Legacy - We are equipping our community with important life lessons to ensure that we move from simply living to creating a legacy. All legacy shirts purchased will help to support our Legacy College Scholarship for high school seniors.
  • Logic - We are taking complex ideas and making logical sense of them. Common sense is not as common as it used to be. We're pushing to send a message of focus and clarity over distraction and confusion.
  • Leadership - We truly believe that you were engineered to be a leader... because of this truth, we seek to inspire you and others around you to own the idea of leadership.

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