Presenting EthanCharles Designs

It's more than a clothing line... it's a movement.


Ethan Charles Designs is a Movement for change inspired by Love, Legacy, Logic, and Leadership. I use words on clothing to be a medium that creates dialogue and expresses feelings.

Above all, Ethan Charles Designs is meant to support young people. Proceeds of all products go to fund micro scholarships for recent high school graduates. So, when you buy a shirt that lets the world know that you Love out Loud you are also letting the world know that you are supporting our youth. 


LOL Concept came from a real space that Love is the greatest gift given to man. It can change the world. We are lacking love in real ways. In 1 Corinthians 13 the text speaks about Love being the greatest virtue. I worry about how many young people and otherwise don’t hear that I love you. Yes, I want folks to laugh out loud and enjoy themselves but I would love for them to Love just as loud as they laugh for you never know how long you will have with people.


Get Woke, Stay Woke & Wake Others concept was simple... We often hear folks talk about "Get Woke" which means to elevate your consciousness and be aware of things happening both seen and unseen... We hear folks telling people to Stay Woke which is to demand from others to continue being on guard and stretching your awareness. Aka don’t slip. What I rarely heard after those to was a mandate from those who are "woke" to help others get there...


Let Go Be Great & Lead is simply a charge to everyone that your leadership skills are ready. Don’t look around for who or what can lead you. You got it. You are ready but you have to let go of the fear, doubt and expectations of failure. 

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