2018 District 2 Legacy Scholarship Recipients

This year's District 2 Legacy Scholarship recipients are Corazon Johnston of George Washington Carver High School and Imani Edwards of Benjamin Franklin High School. After reading their applications, I was clear that both of these young ladies are shining examples of achievement and endeavor to continue the legacy of excellence that they each created in high school at their respective colleges. Check out the profile of each of these dynamic future leaders.


Corazón Johnston[29223].jpg

Corazon Johnsoton

George Washington Carver High School

Attending Stanford University

Creating A Legacy

I created a legacy of achievement in high school by always pushing myself past the expectation. Now in the Fall, I have the pleasure of attending one of the world's most prestigious universities. I hope my legacy raises self-awareness within future scholars of my high school to help them understand that, regardless of their color, creed, or socioeconomic background they can go where they want to and do what they want with a little elbow grease.

In college, I hope to further self-growth and create a legacy of self-excellence. Up until now, education has been structured and intentionally geared to no represent or uplift people of color like me. I will pursue classes and knowledge that will lead to self-knowledge and community betterment. By doing this I hope to create spaces for people of color ina world so hell bend on making it difficult.

Community Legacy

The person in my community that made one of the largest impacts for me is my former US History teacher, Eric Parrie. He left an inspiring legacy of optimism, enthusiasm, and go-getting at my high school. Although a white man, his personality passed racial borders and his determination pushed his students to write and publish a book. He always pushed those around him to rise themselves up and in his own life chased his dreams. He is intelligent and overall a strong human being. I seek to model his legacy and become my own strong, unrelenting, educated individual who builds up those around her, while also following my wildest biggest dreams.

Looking to the future

In college, I want to start my work in creating spaces for people of color. I want to attend university knowing that the only thing between me and my dreams is myself.

Imani Edwards Headshot[29220].jpg

Imani Edwards

Benjamin Franklin High School

Attending Vanderbilt University

Creating A Legacy

In high school, I left a legacy of documenting. Particularly, I took it upon myself to document the individuals and issues tat are less looked upon among my school's environment. From interviewing and capturing math enthusiasts' passion for mathematics to formulating a documentary of our school's first African-American theater production, "The Wiz." I enjoy sharing various perspective and issues to a wider audience of individuals. In college, I want to open my peers (and next, the world's) eyes to wider perspectives. Be it from making a creative project culminating the diversity of my campus to interviewing my peers one-on-one about their life stories and paths to success; I want to create a legacy that leaves other wanting to understand more of the deeper connections and histories of the people and world around us.

modeling legacy in the community

Within my school and church community, I seek tomodel the legacy of Mr. Carl LaCoste. Mr. LaCoste is my advanced orchestra teacher who conducts both band and orchestra as well as my local church's orchestra. Mr. LaCoste reaches out and teaches students in both group and one-on-one sessions about the world of msic. He also sacrifices his weekends teaching studens in the lower 9th ward region music at the Ellis Marsalis Music Center. 

Mr. LaCoste never givew up on others, even if it appears as if they have given up on themselves. He always pushes my peers and I past our boundaries and dares his students to try and endure difficult things. He has taught me that in the long run, it will make me a better player with a stronger mentality. 

Looking to the future

I love helping people grow and enjoy witnessing their growth individually and in their community. I know that reaching out to my comunity and showing young adults and children what they can accomplish will, in turn, demolish the voices in their heads that tell them that they cannot.

As my career prospers, I want to teach young adults and establish a STEM program in underfunded regions in New Orleans. Inmy program and teaching career, I want youth to understand that hard work and determination beat quitting any day and that setting goals is the first stem in achieving them. I want to inspire generations of intelligent and hard-working individuals.

Congratulations to both corazon and imani!