April 2018 - OPSB Meeting Recap

Orleans Parish School Board Reaches Settlement Regarding Transportation with Einstein Charter Schools, Moves Forward with Willie Hall CEA

 NEW ORLEANS – (April 19, 2018) – At the Orleans Parish School Board (OPSB) board business meeting on Thursday, April 19, OPSB and Einstein Charter Schools reached a settlement regarding transportation. Additionally, the adoption of the Willie Hall Cooperative Endeavor Agreement (CEA) was approved to build recreational improvements at McDonogh 35. The OPSB also accepted a bid to install water filtration systems in all public schools.

Einstein Charter Schools

The OPSB and Einstein Charter Schools announced today that they reached settlement agreement that would resolve litigation concerning the provision of bus transportation and allow restitution to be paid. Due to the transportation dispute, the OPSB had initiated litigation and subsequently began a revocation process to terminate Einstein Charter Schools’ authority to run their Village De L’Est and Sherwood Forest schools for the next school year (2018-2019). Now that a satisfactory settlement has been reached, the OPSB has terminated the revocation process.

Adoption of Willie Hall CEA

The board voted to approve the Cooperative Endeavor Agreement between the City of New Orleans and the OPSB for the purpose of building recreational improvements at McDonogh 35.

Invitation to Bid Water Filtration Systems

At the recommendation of the Budget & Finance Committee, the OPSB accepted a bid to install water filtration systems on drinking fountains in all public schools in Orleans Parish from Eco Systems, LLC. The budgeted amount of $800,000 has been previously allocated by the Board. A contract will follow.

Letter to Senator Troy Carter on OPSB's Efforts to Address Enrollment Concerns

The OPSB drafted a letter of support to Sen. Troy Carter regarding enrollment processes. The board thanked Sen. Carter for helping the OPSB’s efforts to address enrollment concerns in Orleans Parish.


The OPSB currently oversees 41 schools, including 37 charter schools, and one educational program for students in secure care facilities. In July 2018 all public schools in New Orleans will again be under the jurisdiction of the OPSB.

For more information, visit www.opsb.us and OPSB Facebook and Twitter (@_OPSB) pages.